Dog Agility Rosettes 1st - 6th Place (18 Pack)

Dog Agility Rosettes 1st - 6th Place (18 Pack)

Fabulous dog agility printed 2 tier rosettes in baby blue ribbon with the placing colours, 3 sets of 1st - 6th place in total a pack of 18 rosettes!

18 rosettes split into 3 sets of 1st through to 6th place.

Stunning pastel colours and fun dog agility printed tails make this pack perfect for your dog agility competitions!

Attachment fasteners are saftey pins.

Centre disks are 1st to 6th place embossed in gold on the corresponding placing colour disk.

These luxury rosettes will make your event remembered not just on the day, but for a lifetime!

  • 2 Tier
  • 2 Tails
  • Embossed Disk
Type / Occasion
  • Celebrations
  • Competitions
  • Sports
  • Dogs
Ribbon Type
  • Satin
  • Printed
Dimension (L x W x H) 35 x 40 x 15 Centimetre
Weight 1 Kilogram

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